feast on tableness and visceral hands
at Arts, Letters & Numbers, as part of 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Virtual Pavilion,
Curator | Director: David Gersten; Project Manager | Associate Curator: Adrianos Efthymiadis; Associate Curator: Sheila Mostofi; Associate Curator: Homa Shojaie.

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“We have to choose whether to speak or to eat: we must not speak with our mouth full.”
Jeanneret, M., A Feast of Words.

where was the feast,
where was the table,

An interrupted dialogue taking place during a feast: city noises, words mis-spelled or etymologically mis-routed, prudency, a muddy journey through the dark meanders of the city, lately arrived guests, edible monuments, non-edibles … and on-going negotiations on some allegorical roles. One curiously accepts the role of the cauldron, the other speculates on the potential persona of the fork and one other still searches for her role… Meanwhile voices complete each others’ sentences in such unique ways, that obscure exquisite-corpses are formed which eventually act as a set of talismanic incantations. Waiting for the invited guests to arrive in order to commence eating. Found or rather listened to conversations are played and re-played. Shall we start? Some food should be sent back to the cool viscerality of the fridge, before they start to putrefy, yielding to the August heat settling slowly on the table.

The -allegorical- mouth becomes the locus of negotiation between to/ not to eat and/or/nor/not to speak. Time to silence for the unpronounceable words; swallowing one’s words … A macaronic language or rather inscriptions and stains on the table. The viscerality of the table, blurring the inside and outside; the viscerality of the fridge, the viscerality of the belly and visceral hands... The viscerality of miniature drawings, resembling the intestines of a space, the blood of a poetic architecture. The paradoxical nature of the act of dissection with regard to the nature of viscerality.

Consecutive feasts that take place each night will transform into the ‘project’ itself.



Bahar Avanoğlu is an architect and a researcher. Her primary interest is focused on architectural representation and architectural drawing in relation to esoteric practices. She is currently a PhD candidate at Istanbul Technical University and an adjunct faculty member at Istanbul Bilgi University. Bahar began her studies in architecture at ITU and graduated with a Master's degree with her thesis called “The Unthinkable Spaces of The Realm of Representation”. She completed her second master's thesis project entitled “Constructing the Parallax Space'' with the construction of a series of translation machines at The Cooper Union. Related to her academic studies, she is currently working on a series of experimental drawing projects.

İpek Avanoğlu is an architect/ researcher. Her interest and research focus on the inappropriates of the spatial scenarios, and their critical articulation through architectural drawing. She is working as a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. She received her BArch and MSci. degree in Architectural Design from Istanbul Technical University, and MArch II degree from The Cooper Union. She continues her PhD studies at Istanbul Technical University.


The workshop will be conducted online.*
*A physical component in Istanbul with restricted number of people on pre-scheduled days might be possible.

16 people

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August 16th - August 27th.
The daily schedule is as indicated below (Note that minor changes might be possible.)

August 16th - August 20th & August 23- August 27th:

Seminars, Talks, Discussions & Studio Hours: 11.00 - 17.30 (GMT+3)

Feast: 18.30 - 20.30 (GMT+ 3)

August 21st - August 22nd:

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Amr Khabbaz
Arın Aydın
Ayşegül Oruçoğlu
Beshr Jemieh
Damla Dinçer
Ezgi Kaya
Gülşah Pelin Arı
Mohammad Alsharabi
Naz Nar
Pelin Takımcılar
Rana Güzeldir
Sıla Avar
Sundus Al-Nakhif
Yasmin Alhalees
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Manuel J. Perez III
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Ozan Avcı
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workshop by Bahar Avanoğlu & İpek Avanoğlu